Welcome to my website, where I'm delighted to present my choral compositions and arrangements for your consideration.

This website and the music it offers allows me to transcend the limitations of the major music publishing companies: here I can offer choral music that is more challenging than much of the music that dominates the market, yet less esoteric and difficult than the music aimed at professional and university choruses. Having been a choral conductor for all my professional life, I have found that the music offered by the major publishers often does not fill the need for repertoire that is challenging, accessible, and really enjoyable for both the singers and the audience.

As you peruse this website, you'll find that I place a high value on melodic integrity in my original compositions and my arrangements of American and international folk songs and melodies taken from the classics.

Like all composers, I write music that I would enjoy hearing in performance - music which engages my interest and moves me, as well. The human voice is the most powerful medium for expressing feelings that are shared by all people and I hope my compositions find resonance in the life of the listener and in the general experience of living which we all share. My compositions flow from a deep need to express myself, as well as a profound commitment to helping others make music of substance and quality. Through my music I hope to supply choruses and conductors with repertoire which is intellectually honest and involving and still touches the hearts of singers and audiences alike.